Sunday, June 2, 2013

Well another week has flown by!!! Well I'll admit its a weird day for me.  First time ever having my birthday without my family.  We went to the temple today which is always amazing.  Um yesterday all the Elders in my district and I all went to Las Vegas to the Mexican Consulate to get our visas and we got them which is really good.  It was really weird listening to normal music again haha I didn't like it.  Um but at the same time it was really great to get out for a day and have a break.  We have kept pretty busy this week we have 3 investigators now and I'm learning the Spanish pretty well.  So I had another amazing experience this week.  Another Elder in my district was having a hard day and he was just sitting in the corner of a room during study time and so I went and asked what was wrong.  Well we had been talking about how we all recieve Revelation different ways and he broke down telling me he wasn't sure if he had recieved Revelation or not and that he didn't really know why he was out here.  So we talked a bit and then I just bore my testimony to him that he is here for a reason and I told him how when he bares testimony I can feel the Spirit and I told him how I can tell when I'm feeling the Spirit because I get butterflies in my stomach like right before a football game and I get goosebumps. I told him what happened when Thomas S. Monson changes the mission age and I went crazy and how I felt after I opened my call!  I had know idea what I was saying!!! It was just straight Spirit coming out of my mouth!!!!  It was pretty amazing! Then I told him that I know when we baptize our first investigator it will all be worth it and that I have a testimony of this Gospel and that God and Jesus Christ Love him and care about our problems and that he maybe needs to pray with sincere heart and real intent.  The Spirit was so strong it was incredible!!!  I loved it!!!  So yeah that was my Spiritual High this week and of course the temple.  I want to thank everybody that sent me Birthday wishes today.  It was really great to hear from you and I hope we continue to stay in touch!!  My companion is jealous of all the packages I've gotten today haha :).   Its been a great day tho, the temple was great and got all my laundry done and got to email!!  So yeah I'm still moving along.  The Spanish is coming along pretty good.  Um I am truly experiencing the Gift of Tongues.  My companion and I set a goal the other day to talk only in Spanish the whole day!!!  Lets just say I was quieter then usual that day.  But I still did pretty well I probably talked about 85% in Spanish so its coming along.  But then we went to the Mexican Consulate and I hear these people talking so fast and it lets me know I still have so much more to learn!!!  It was really cool tho because in Vegas and at the Provo air port there were so many people that came up to us and asked us where we are going and where we are from.  This one guy we were buying food in the airport and the guy in the line next to me tells the cashier to put it on his card.  I was no don't but he keep insisting was it was pretty cool. It really reminded me that we are role models for a lot of people and a lot of people are watching us. We are representatives of Christ.  Not just me we all are and it made me realize we all have to show the Character of Christ.  We can do that with our actions.  I have another assignment for you all I want you all to watch the Mormon Message called The Will of God.  I think thats what is called.  We need to realize that everything happens for a reason and that God loves us and knows our desires and needs of our hearts.  I want to tesitfy that the Book of Mormon is Book from God.  The Book of Mormon is just a Do and a don't do list.  It's a guideline for us and I know that if we pray with a Sincere Heart we all will grow to know that through the Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ we can have everlasting happiness.  I know this Gospel is true and that Jesus Christ is truly our Savior and Redeemer.  You are all continuly in my prayers and I LOVE and MISS All of YOU!!
-Love Elder Petersen

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